Hailing from the Chicago suburbs, Peter has a passion for perfection and high design. He got his entrepreneurial start at age eleven with the founding of a lawn care service and never slowed down. At Indiana University, he is pursuing a degree in Entrepreneurship and Corporate Innovation with a minor in computer science. When not drinking caffeinated water (seriously, look it up), he's a self-proclaimed Blackhawks fanatic, amateur marksman and enjoys the occasional Halo 3 binge.

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Currently residing in Boston, Jeremy is an aspiring entrepreneur with an interest in sustainable technology, environmentalism, and finance. With the humble beginnings of launching a lunch-money bank in elementary school, he now attends Babson College, concentrating in Technology, Entrepreneurship, Design (TED) and Finance. Outside of business, Jeremy is a prolific photographer with several international awards, actively involved in nonprofits, and is an avid supporter of all things Google.

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For all the work that we put in, Sprout won't be possible without your help. We thank you in advance for your support and welcome you to visit our campaign on IndieGoGo to learn more about Sprout and how you can help.

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Sprout is here for you.

Sprout is a modern compost bin, made for and by the eco-conscious. It's small enough to blend into any room, and large enough to efficiently produce fertilizer. It's strong enough to be left outside to the elements, yet can be seamlessly placed into any kitchen. It looks good. It works even better.

Composting can be easy.

The way Sprout uses “bokashi” composting is through small granules of microbe-infused bran. This dry bran mix is entirely non-hazardous to animals and humans; all you have to do is sprinkle a little bit in every time you add a new layer of food scraps.

Sprout is different.

Sprout, unlike other compost bins, wasn’t designed with large-scale composting in mind. Rather, we envision it being used to collect scraps in the kitchen, the living room as a pot, and harvest the potential trash output that comes out of a modern lifestyle. We see it being used in an apartment, a house, a dorm. Not a farm.

Partners help Sprout grow.

The Arthur M. Blank Center for Entrepreneurship and the Lewis Institute at Babson College have been important factors in Sprout's growth and development. They are behind Sprout, are you? Hop over to our campaign on IndieGoGo to support us!

Help make Sprout real.

It’s easy to help! In fact, we’d really appreciate if you can in any way at all, be it through referrals or word-of-mouth. We’re counting on you to make it happen. Please visit our campaign on IndieGoGo for more information and to support our cause!